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הפורטל הישראלי לאמנויות - הבמה ליצירות שלכם
מפות ישראל ופלסטין בעיני אמנים עכשוויים , בתערוכה חדשה בוושינגטון.
אבנר בר חמא- מפת התפוזים (הגדל)

תערוכה חדשה בגלריה Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery , שתוצג בתאריכים 21.2.08-  2.6.08 חוקרת פרשנות אמנים עכשוויים לסוגיה טעונה זו. התערוכה , כצפוי , מעלה יותר שאלות משהיא מספקת תשובות, אך מנסה ליצור שיח כוללני בבחינת מבטם של 10 אמנים עכשוויים מ-5 מדינות שונות  על סוגיה טעונה זו. התמונות המצורפות הינן : מפת התפוזים של אבנר בר חמא (היום גוש קטיף ומחר יפו) , המיצג שהועמד במרכז החלל, וההזמנה לתערוכה עם דימויים מתוכה. כמו כן מצורף מידע מהודעת הגלריה.



New Exhibition Explores Artists’ Interpretations of Mapping Israel and Palestine


How can we look at maps, which are often considered to be a reflection of history and objectivity, as lenses through which we can interpret the social milieu of Israel? Do people define and draw borders, or do borders define and create a “people” (or a peoplehood?) How can boundaries be examined in a way that is not staunch and constrictive, but rather open to other ways of knowing a specific landscape?

The exhibition ‘L(A)ttitudes’ which opens at the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery on February 21 raises more questions than it provides answers. The exhibition does attempt to create an inclusive conversation by focusing on explorations by contemporary artists, of various viewpoints, working in a variety of forms and styles. ‘L(A)ttitudes’ includes work by 10 artists from five different countries. Highlights include Alban Biaussat’s 55 photographs interpreting the Green Line; frescos of historic maps by Joyce Kozloff; manipulated atlas works by Doug Beube; two installations: one a 25-foot “Orange Map” floor installation by Avner Bar Hama, and a commissioned wall installation by Simonetta Moro; Yoav Galai’s black and white photographs of the separation wall in Israel; two works from local artists: Nikolas Schiller’s digital manipulation of a CIA map, and Anna Fine Foer’s collage remembering Biblical Israel; and pieces from Karey Kessler and Mel Watkin who are working with psychogeography, interpreting and creating maps, and taking a new approach to boundaries and borders in and around Israel.

 ‘L(A)ttitudes’ will open on Thursday, February 21 with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. with some of the artists, and will run through June 2. In conjunction with the exhibition, the Washington DCJCC will offer opportunities to engage in dialogues on Israel and the Middle East. Visit or call (202) 777-3208 for information. The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Note that the gallery is closed for Jewish holidays.) Admission is free.

The Washington DCJCC, is located at 16th and Q streets, N.W., four blocks east of the Dupont North Metro station. For information about parking in the Washington DCJCC’s two affiliated parking lots, services for people with disabilities or other information, contact (202) 518-9400 or


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