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Art in Israel

The State of Israel provides visitors with a variety of styles and techniques of artistry; spectacular galleries, museums, public art galleries/sale houses, art workshops for enthusiastic and professional artists. The "Art and Culture in Israel" website was built to assist English speakers and tourists to discover important websites and to heighten awareness of the vast art society present in Israel. Using this website will provide you with useful and interesting information on compelling art galleries and indigenous artists in every part of Israel. Our website allows for you to plan your journey in Israel with great ease, all from one website.

From the first day in the state of Israel, culture was very widespread. Many artists performed their artwork which ended up getting people interested, and getting a worldwide reputation.  These artists established a stable basis for the art culture in the young state of Israel. Today, you will be able to find the works of these artists in institutions and leading museums in Israel.

Today, the State of Israel offers tourists and visitors a great deal of art and culture activities for different ages, styles and expenses. We invite you to express your views and visit Israel's art institutions and museums. We invite you to possess a part of Israel's art from one of the many galleries and sale houses, or for you to produce a unique item yourself in a workshop.
This website offers the Israeli art and culture portal service in English.

Enjoy your vacation
The Israeli Artistry Team

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