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Selected Solo Exhibitions and ArtInstallations 



  "HiStory", Patrice Veuillard Gallery, Berlin. Catalogue in four languages

   2008Funeral Oration in Jerusalem", an installation, theArtists' House,  Tel Aviv. Catalogue.

2007 " The Walls stand in Witness", the municipal art gallery, Rehovot - Curator: Ora Krauss.  Catalogue.

"Hidden Light", High Touch Gallery, Herzeliya – Curator: DafnaNaor

"Forty Years of Distortion",  art installation in window, the Tova Osman Gallery– Curator: Galit Semel    

 "1+10 – 2006Tzell – Mey - Tzav", following the disengagement - Ten press photographers & installation artist, HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv

2005 Meytzav – Installation in the Sukkah (Provisory House)of Ganei-Tal Evacuees – Curator: Tzipora Lurya – Kibutz Hafetz Haim.

" Meitzav-Meitzar" – ("Installation Strait") Center for the Performing Arts, Holon

  Meytzav – Matzav – 2 installations, Tel Aviv,

 2000 An altar of earth thou shalt make upon me", installation, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

1999  Mount – Field – Home", installation, HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv - Curator: Dafna Naor

1997 Occurrences", abstract painting, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem and HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv – Catalogue

1995 Struggle" – Painting, sculpture, art installation, display, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv - Catalogue

  1989-92Colorful Drawing", McGill University and Concordia, Montreal, Canada

 1988The Struggle is Eternity"- (Holocaust theme), ArtistsHouse, Jerusalem, Catalogue

  1986Monumental Drawing", Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

 1982Painting and Sculpture" Following the Yamit Evacuation, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

  1981 Drawing "The Menorah Returns to Jerusalem", Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

  1978-80 Exhibitions in Brussels and Zurich

  1976 Drawings, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

 1973  Sculpture, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem

Selected Group Exhibitions

 The "Old Man": David Ben-Gurion and His Legacy in the mirror of Israeli Art, The University Gallery at the BenGurion University of the Negev  - Curator: Haim Maor, Catalogue

"Ktonot Or"("Gowns of Light")- HaGalleria HaAcheret, Holon - Curator: Avner Bar Hama

2009 Shalom-Wall-Freedom" – commemorating 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Patrice Veuillard Gallery and the Artists' House in Tel Aviv

"Heshbon Nefesh"(Making a Reckoning with Himself), a group exhibition in High Touch Gallery, Herzliya - Curator: Dafna Naor

"As a Passing Shadow" – Memorial for Tzipora Lurya in Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem- Curator: Avner Bar Hama

"Glu-Ya"(reveal God),a group exhibition in Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem - Curator: Avner Bar Hama

  2008 Herzl – Face to Face" in the Haifa University - Curator: Dr. Irit Miller

"Yosh and Osh"at the HaGalleria HaAcheret” (Another Gallery) in Tel Aviv- Curator: Avner Bar Hama"

L(A)ttitudes"- Artists' interpretations of Mapping Israel and Palestine"  at The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, Washington - Curator: Wendy Fergusson

2007 "Visual Israeliness" – the Open University, Curator: Avner Bar Ham

 "Oh!, My Country, My Homeland 2007" in Tel Aviv's Artists House -Curator: Avner Bar Hama

2006 Matter of  Disagreement",Gallery Pyramid, Haifa – Curator: Yaacov Hefetz

2005 November 4th 1995: Murder in Retrospective " - Curators: .Arieli Horowitz & Manor

"A DislocatedLandscape", Yakar Gallery in Jerusalem - Curator: Suzan Sasson

"Summer – Katif", Neve Dekalim – Curators: Tzipora Lurya & Avner Bar Hama

"Walking on Eggs", Museum, Ashdod – Curator: Yael Vizel

2004 Holocaust Remembrance Day", a joint exhibition for Gross Gallery at the Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv and HaGalleria HaAcheret” – Curator: Tzipora Lurya

2003 The Millennium Exhibition" for Teachers' Organization, the Knesset Jerusalem – Curator: Sorin Heller

2001 "Europart", European Art Paris – Curator: Dafna Naor

1999 "Stones Talk Peace", Center for the Performing Arts, Tel Aviv

 "Peace Greetings", the Art Center, Givat Haviva

1997  Group Exhibition, HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv – Curator: Zipora Lurya

SculptorsExhibiting", Tel Aviv - Curator: Tamara Rikman

"Suggested Sculpting Project" - commissioned by the Holon Municipality

1986 Israeli Artist Paint the Bible", the Old Museum, Tel Aviv

1985 "Soft / Hard", Omanut La'Am, Mobile Exhibition – Curator: Reviva Regev

"Outdoor Sculpture ", Sculpture project, Yaruham

1984-1974 Tel Aviv – Jerusalem – Beer Sheva – Group exhibitions for the Artists' Association

Projects and Outdoor Sculpture

  2007 Sculpture, commissioned by "Teva" Pharmaceutical Industries, Beer Sheva

2005   A planned Sculpture for the Ministry of Education and Culture installed in

"Tzurim" school in Rosh Ha'Ayin

2001 – 2004 Sculpture for a public building, Miami, USA 

4 sculpturesfor the Ministry of Education and Culture & Israel State Lottery installed in Bat Yam, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat & Even Shmuel

1998 The Memorial for Kiryat Gat’s Fallen Soldiers;

  Sculpture and wall-sculpture, for the lobby of the Trade Tower, Tel Aviv.

  1994 Two sculptures – "A Dismantled King David Star" and "Unity" Malha Mall, Jerusalem

  2 Sculptures, Givat Ze’ev and Ma’ale Edomim

  1980 Two murals, community center, Brussels

"Peace sculpture", commissioned by the Ministry of Housing for the Shal-On school, Kiryat Gat

 1974 Sculpture in front of the Beit Shean Town Hall, commissioned by the Ministry of Housing

  1973-74   Two wall sculpturesfor Discount Bank, Haifa

  Two sculptures for public parks, for the Jerusalem Municipality

  Three wall sculptures for industrial zones, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

  Three wall sculptures for industrial zones, Talpiot, Jerusalem

1970-73 Four sculptures commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and Kiryat Gat Municipality


In 1977 Bar Hama established “HaGalleria HaAcheret” (Another Gallery) in the Talpiot College for education, Tel Aviv and since then he is the director and the head Curator of the gallery. After eleven years of fruitful activity as one of the Tel Aviv's galleries the“ HaGalleria HaAcheret moved in August 2008 to its new location in the Talpiot College, 7 Yotveta Street, Holon. The gallery hosted many well known artists as Moshe Gershuni, Menashe Kadishman, Rafi Lavie, Yair Garbuz, Tamara Rikman, Tzvi Tolkovsky, Ilan Awerbuch, Pessi Geresh, Israel Rabinovich, Arie Berkovich, Michael Grobman, Yoel Galinsky, Dina Shenhav, Avner Bar Hama, Belu-Simion Fainaru,Oded Finegeresh, Drora Weitzman and many others.

In 2009 Bar Hama established "Hillel 17 Gallery" in the LipshitzCollege in Jerusalem. The gallery was opened one year only.


Initiations and Curatorship for solo exhibitions

2002 – 2010
Bar Hama was nominated a Curator to many solo artists' exhibitions,

Yakov Zim, Nehama Golan, Sylvia Bar-Am, Hana Kromer, Ruth Kastenbaum,

 Ben Dov, Mazalit Chezroni Tabib, Naomi Gafni, Hana Goldberg, Sigal Edelman, Margarita Naot, Haim Siton, Hana Duchan, Mati Fisher, Raya Brukental, Haidi Stern and others.

Initiations and Curatorship for group exhibitions

2010  "Ktonot Or"( "Gowns of Light")- 17 artists refer to the subject of gowns of light - HaGalleria HaAcheret, Holon

2009 "As a Passing Shadow" – Memorial for Tzipora Lurya - Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem

  "Glu-Ya""(reveal God),, a group exhibition - Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem

  "Impre-Zionism", a group exhibition - Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem

  "Expressing Utterance"- Hillel 17 Gallery, Jerusalem

"The Red Window – an Interlude in Sderot", Ilana Halprin, Liora Levy, Rachel Aharon at the Tova Osman Gallery in Tel Aviv.

2008  "Yosh and Osh" - HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv

"Departmental Exhibition- College Teachers"- HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv

2007 "Oh!, My Country, My Homeland 2007" - Tel Aviv's Artists House.

2006 "Tzell – Mey-Tzav – 1+10", - HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv.

2005 "Summer – Katif" in Newe Dakalim

1997 "Department Exhibition" - HaGalleria HaAcheret, Tel Aviv

Selected Lectures

Avner Bar Hama lectured in various forums and conventions, among others at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Bar Ilan University, the University of Haifa, the Kibbutzim College of Education, the Schechter Institutes in Jerusalem and more


Bar Hama published articles in a wide range of newspapers, journals periodicals, almanacs.

 Interviews broadcasted in radio and television – partial list:

You are invited to visit the artist's website:

Radio: Chanel 1, 2 & Galei Zahal (Interviews in various programs 1997 – 2009)

Morning News & "Mabat"(Daily News) – IBA Channel (1986, 2005)

"Mabat Tarbut" (Culture review) - Channel 1 (2005)

"Motsash" (Night after Saturday) – Channel 1 (2005)

The Knesset Channel (2007)

The Tchelet Channel

"Ticket for two" – Channel 2 (1998)

"Crossroads" – Channel 2 (2005)

"Cafe'-theater" (2008)

MSN – Internet (2006)

VCD Hebrew – Channel 7 (2005)

VCD English – Channel 7 (2005)

VCD Hebrew – Channel 7 (2006)

VCD Hebrew – Channel 7 (2007)

"Frame Story – 100 Years of Israeli Art" – Television series, Chapter 3 – Channel 2




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